MEW 744 M-U200

ULTRA MONO Industry mixer

  • Pull-out hook for worm

General Product Information

Complete with mixing arm, cutting set 5 pcs. Unger U200 with sickle ring knives, stainless steel disks and 2 spacer rings, electrically locked retractable cleaning platform, including lifting device, mirror, tool carriage, electrically locked finger guard at outlet, hydraulic pusher for worm and 1500 litres hopper volume.

Processing worm made of stainless steel and POM (plastic)

The machine is completely made of stainless steel.

  • Is equipped with a central mixing arm with many different mixing profiles
  • Loading device belongs to standard equipment.
  • Optionally heavy duty variant for processing of frozen meat or crust.
  • Frozen material can be processed effortlessly
  • Patented technology avoids the feared heavy-metal abrasion.
  • Highest product quality due to minimal warming of material.
  • High capacity at best quality and unbeatable price performance ratio.
  • Hygienic and simple cleaning because of optimal cleanability.
  • Separating systems for bones and sinews can be supplied as well plus DUOSEPART (which consists of two separating devices working independently from each other. On the first separating level, the separate is led out laterally. On the second level at the end hole plate, the leading out is in the centre)

Output per hour: approx. 8000 kg