MEW 727-G160
Angle mincers
MEW 727-G160

Complete with 5 pcs. cutting set with sickle ring knives, stainless steel disks and 2 spacer rings, lifting device and mirror, hydraulic pusher for worm and electrically locked finger guard at outlet. With central mixing shaft. 500 litres hopper volume.

The machine is completely made of stainless steel.

Standard equipment:

  • Machine, processing worm and feeding augers with cutting edges and cutting plate made of stainless steel
  • Stepless processing worm
  • Self-regulating feeding worms
  • Reverse mode
  • Mixing device
  • Rinsing chambers for processing worm and feeding worms
  • Hydraulic worm ejector
  • Integrated hydraulic loading device for 200 litres meat trolleys
  • Hopper safeguard by electrically locked frame
  • Electrically locked, hinged step
  • Electrically locked outlet guard
Options / accessories:

  • Processing worm in steel/plastic
  • Feeding augers made of plastic (POM)
  • Stepless mixer shaft
  • Minced meat paddle on both sides
  • Heavy-duty version for frozen meat or raw skin
  • Separating system lateral or central, manually operated
  • Lateral separator, pneumatically operated, incl. control system
  • “DuoSepart” central and lateral, manually operated
  • “DuoSepart” central and lateral, pneumatically operated, incl. control system
  • Cleaning and transport trolley for holding accessory parts
Technical data:

  • Output per hour: approx. 4000 kg
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