Knife sharpeners

Well sharpened is cut better!

MADO Superschliff stands for highest competence of knife sharpeners.

Leading knife manufacturers recommend the “crown finish” for best results in carving up, cleaving or cutting of product. That´s understood for MADO Superschliff.

Experience pays. This is especially the case when it comes to the ”right” cut. Sharp does not always mean sharp. The greatest durability and long lasting edge life can only be achieved with the crown finish.

The MADO SUPERSCHLIFF is still unique in its functionality and variety of applications. Whether knives for carving up, for the sales room, kitchen, whether cutter knives or cleavers – all cutting tools can be resharpened with the SUPERSCHLIFF effortlessly and professionally.

Even the machine itself has an extremely long service life. The MADO SUPERSCHLIFF can be considered indestructible due to its absolutely solid design with a housing made of plastics in connection with stainless steel and its mature technology.