Angle mincers

MADO Angle Mincers – Strong partners for high-quality production

MADO Angle Mincers are the perfect solution for the ambitious butcher as well as the meat processing industry, having high demands in terms of output and product quality.
The harmonised interaction of feeding worm and processing worm allows a high hourly output, combined with a continously excellent cutting result.
Proven, but also permanently improved technology, combined with high-quality materials and a gentle processing are characteristics, that particularly apply to MADO Angle Mincers.

All product-touching parts are welded completely seamless and smoothly sanded. Therefore, MADO Angle Mincers exceed by far the normative standard of hygiene.

Of course, the Mado Angle Grinder line meets the EU- Machinery Directive for safety and hygiene.

Particular features:

  • Optimised feeding due to pre-aggregation of material by means of a feeding worm
  • Saving of time because of less need of manual pre-cutting
  • Continous first-class cutting result
  • Prolonged lifetime of cutting set because of less intermittend pressure
  • Infinitely varialble control of worm rotation
  • Less warming
  • Best possible hygiene and minmum cleaning effort
  • Different power versions for different requirements
  • Modern and practical design
  • Completely made of stainless steel
Type nameHopper volumeCutting set
(partly different options available)
 MEW 735 (M) 200 L  Unger E 130, 5-pc
 MEW 735 B (M) 380 L Unger E 130, 5-pc
 MEW 736 (M) 200 L  Unger G 160, 5-pc
 MEW 736 B (M) 380 L Unger G 160, 5-pc
 MEW 737 330 L Unger G 160, 5-pc
 Unger U 200, 5-pc
 MEW 728 500 L  Unger U 200, 5-pc