Reducing three machine processes into one machine

A new era has dawned for the food processing industry.
MADO’S EXTRUSION GRINDER is a revolutionary invention, reducing three machine processes into one machine.Cutting, mixing and homogenization are all accomplished within this single unit, saving capital costs, reducing processing time and eliminating the transfer of product from one machine to another.

For even better production results and more specialised applications, the new MADO EXTRUSION GRINDER can also be supplied with an optional vacuum device. Mixing under vacuum improves protein extraction and shortens the reddening time of the products.

Another benefit of MADO’S EXTRUSION GRINDER is this machine’s significant improvement in hygiene levels as well as the commensurate reduction and simplification of cleaning the machine: rather than three machines to supply electricity to, manage (man power), maintain, clean and provide floor space for, MADO’S EXTRUSION GRINDER truly does it all in one machine for a fraction of the cost.


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