International FoodTec Award 2021 in Silver for Mado

DLG Food Technology Award for pioneering development in terms of innovation, sustainability and efficiency.

(DLG). MADO GmbH from Dornhan (Germany) has now been awarded the International FoodTec Award in Silver by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) and its specialist partners. This year, the renowned technology prize was awarded to 20 innovation projects from the international food and supplier industry. Five innovations received the International FoodTec Award in gold, fifteen in

International FoodTec Award in Silver for:
MADO GmbH from Dornhan (Germany): “Finger Protection System (FPS)”

The Finger Protection System increases the safety of operating personnel working on band saws in the butcher trade and the meat industry and therefore prevents serious injuries. The system consists of three sub-sections: the image processing system, the evaluation electronics and the mechanical brake unit to bring the saw band to a stop in a matter of milliseconds. The image processing system recognises the gloves that the operator is required to wear. As soon as these are detected in a defined area in front of the saw band by the image processing system, the saw is immediately stopped. In addition, replacement of the saw band is not necessary following a stop. The saw band’s function is maintained despite the abrupt stop.

International FoodTec Award

With the International FoodTec Award, the DLG, together with its specialist partners, recognises pioneering developments in terms of innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the field of food technology. An international jury of experts from the fields of research and teaching as well as representatives from practice selects the most advanced concepts. The prize, which is awarded every three years, is presented in the form of gold and silver medals. A gold medal is awarded to products with a new conception, in which the function has been decisively changed and the use of which makes a new process possible or significantly improves a known process. Silver medals go to products that have been further developed in such a way that a significant improvement in the function or the process is achieved as a result.

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