MKB 754
Band Saw
Illustrations may contain special equipment.
MKB 754

With a cutting height of 230 – 500 mm, our range of band saws includes the right admission height for every application.

The Finger Protection System (FPS) provides optimal security for the operator.

As soon as the integrated optical sensor triggers, the band saw is stopped automatically within a few milliseconds. In case the machine was stopped by the security system, it can be turned on again as usual. Even after repeated trigger of the security system a renewal of the saw band is not necessary.

The FPS is available for the band saw models MKB 751 – 754.

The MADO typical stainless steel construction of the machine, including the wheels, is a matter of course and allows easy and hygienic cleaning. MADO band saws are optionally customizable with a wide range of special equipment.

Basic version:

  • Portioner
  • Portioner with fine adjustment
  • Bone-meal container
  • Removable „feed-on and safe cut“ guide
  • Height adjustable blade shield

  • FPS Version
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