MSK 761 SL
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MSK 761 SL Cutter
General Product Information:

The machine housing is completely closed and features an integrated ventilation system. The complete machine body, all functional parts and the bowl are made of stainless steel. Foils switchboard for input of all nominal values with digital display for knife shaft speed, bowl rotations and temperature. Limit stop for temperature and bowl rotation. Programmable control for storing of 26 recipes, with 11 steps.

  • Strict hygienic requests due to HACCP rules -> can be kept easily with the construction of the SUPRA Bowl Cutter.
  • All side covers and foil switches are embedded into machine housing.
  • Hygienic cleaning in short time due to smooth surfaces.
  • Very appealing and ergonomic design.
  • Easy operation because of big control panel.
  • No greasing of the knife shaft due to maintenance-free bearings. Thus the risk of contaminant in the sausage meat will be avoided.
  • Excellent cutting result due to the deep bowl design
  • Excellent cutting results of raw-, brew- and cooked sausage products will also be achieved through a specially developed cutting geometry.
  • All parts including the electrical control system are integrated into the machine housing.
  • Intelligent sealing between bowl and upper part of housing through a slide-in guide rail.
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • The SUPRA is built in a frame housing carrying itself
  • The optimized cutting area is suitable for raw and boiled sausage – without retrofitting
  • The machine body is completely closed from all sides. There are only two labyrinth openings at the bottom for aeration and de-aeration
  • The free-running bowl is sealed towards the housing. Therefore cleaning water cannot get into the machine
  • Due to its compact design, the cutter needs less space
  • Due to a special tool which will be delivered with the machine the knife head can be exchanged easily
  • The integrated knife shaft with extended bearings runs without vibrations. This guarantees absolute longevity.
  • There is no temperature increase at the knife shaft. Thus no sausage meat will stick at the knife shaft
  • The SUPRA achieves best results for raw sausage because of the deep bowl.

  • Sextuple knife head
  • Digital thermometer
  • Tools
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